High School

High school students take ownership of your education!

The High School Team will develop a learning plan to guide learning toward the student's personal, career, and post-high school goals.

The personalized learning plan for the student is designed toward the things they love in their area of interest while reaching the goal of earning a high school diploma.

REACH is Student Goal Orientated. Our high school team will help the student discover and meet their personal goals. The end result is a high school graduate who is ready for Career or College.

Students have the opportunity to attend onsite classes at the Grants Pass campus. This provides in-person instruction and interaction with peers.

Most coursework is done by the student independently at home, allowing for a flexible school schedule.

The flexible school schedule allows the student to be employed and have the opportunity to earn work experience credit.

The majority of REACH students graduate with college credits. 10th-12th graders are eligible for the Early College Program. The student has the opportunity to take college level trade courses or graduate with an Associate's Degree.

Reach Graduate Smiling

High school students sitting at a table and working together