Student Testimonials

Student wearing yellow scarf

“I love the community, and they’re very supporting. Everyone gets along with each other - it’s a lovely community! I love that the teachers support you, no matter what you do…the teachers actually care about you, and your opinions.”

Student wearing hood and yellow scarf

“My favorite thing is probably all my friends here...Before I came to REACH, I was bullied a lot…I came to REACH and met friends here. They’re more like your family than your friends! I will say that REACH is a great opportunity."

student wearing jacket and scarf

“I think REACH would be a good school for you, especially if you like kids and making new friends because there’s always new people to be friends with here, and all the teachers are great! My teacher, Ms. Ferris, she’s really nice and she never gets mad. She always is really kind about everything.”

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